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I'm typing on my iPhone which is a small keyboard.... So the occasional typo and autocorrect mishap is expected...

The 338 is not at long range bench rest competitions because for 1000 yards there are simply better rounds. As you mentioned earlier, a lower recoiling rifle makes it easier to be accurate with it.

Anyways, you can believe what you want. Won't change the facts. I shoot at 1760-2200 relatively often. I know many people that shoot at that distance. None of them use 300 win mags or 50bmg. But I suppose the guys that do this fairly often must be wrong. It may makes much more sense to assume that the calibers used for 1000 yards are the same ones that are supposed to he used for 1500+. 1000 yards and 1500 yards are different animals. So is 1500 yards and 2000 yards. Theres a reason that the 100/200 yard benchrest guys don't use the same calibers as the 1000 yards guys.

Lastly, theres a reason most of the bench rest guys don't use the same calibers as the army does. Just because the army made a decision on a round being the right combination of good enough and cheap enough, doesn't mean its the best for the job. The Barret rifles the army uses are known to not be good for anything less than 2moa, and even worse with their ball powder. However, its good enough for them.

Your right, I have not seen anyone consistently shoot 5 inches at 1000 yards with a 338lm. But then again, I have never seen anyone do 5 inches at 1000 yards consistently with any caliber. 1/2 moa with a 338lm is not vodoo however. Most high quality rifles can attain this with handloads. Even both my savages do, with handloads.

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