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A good post, rd_zzyzx, but I'll bring a couple of things to your attention.
Originally Posted by rd_zzyzx
Two lines of questioning for those that want stricter gun regulation:

For those that want to make a list of firearms and accessories that are illegal:

Instead of describing what an illegal firearm is, please describe a legal firearm. Trying to define something by what it is not is open ended. You can not list the infinite number of things something is not. Therefore describe what a legal firearm is, a firearm that meets your definition of a firearm that upholds the 2nd Amendment.

(This will take us off of the slippery slope and directly to where they really want to go.)
The problem is that once legislation describes "what a legal firearm is," then we're limited to those things specifically in the description. Imagine that Congress had taken that step circa 1800. Then the Second Amendment really might apply only to muskets, just like the antis claim.

Originally Posted by rd_zzyzx
For those that want to increase taxes on bullets, have fees for registration, fees for training, and fees for background checks:

Do you support the 2nd Amendment? Is the 2nd Amendment a right for the poor? Will there be vouchers for the poor to receive bullets relative to their ability to pay, as well as vouchers for registration fees and training fees? Or is the 2nd Amendment only for the wealthy?

(This will expose the slippery slope of infringement and show that regulation restricts persons by their ability to afford to pay the fees and taxes. How will it settle in the stomaches of the tax payers to know that they are funding low income persons to purchase firearms and ammunition? Especially those against firearms completely.)

Please spread these questions around so that others can bring them up in town meetings, letters with their elected officials, etc.
Also, please add your list of questions to this thread so we all can benefit.
The increased cost associated with training, fees, licensure, registration, etc., is one that I bring up frequently. I'm often met with "that's less than a 12-pack of beer." Be sure to explain that a single mother of three, working two jobs and living in a shady neighborhood has as much right to defend herself, and her kids, as her wealthier counterparts.
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