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I bet prices coming CRASHING down in the Fall.
Well, back to where they were.
The reality is, that overall, there is no more "shooting" happening than before some of us went into a panic attack.

In fact, I'd wager less shooting, since the panic buying has driven up prices. Do you drive more, or less- when gasoline prices go up?

This is nothing more than a function of people stacking stuff on their shelves.

So the guy that now has a year's worth (or two..or three...) of ammo or components; well, he's not going to be buying any more for a while.

The only way demand would remain at these levels is if people actually started shooting MORE in aggregate, and that ain't happening, especially at these prices. This is nothing more than a temporary spike in demand, and the resulting temporary spike in prices.

Economics 101. When demand returns to normal levels- and it will- prices will return to "normal". After all, how much are you really going to shoot if ammo is two bucks a round??
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