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If you buy a used Leupold scope...

you should know that any malfunction will be fixed by their customer service dept FREE.

For example, I bought a used Leupold Vari X III (the "Vari X" line is 10 years or so old), then I found out it wasn't holding zero. I had noticed a slight dent on the side of the ocular lens housing, but the original owner told me he did that by putting the rifle in a hard case and carrying it on the handlebars of his ATV - no big deal, he claimed. So, I sent it in to Leupold for repair. They said it had apparently been dropped, resulting in broken internal parts. Since it was no longer manufactured, there were no repair parts available. Therefore, they volunteered to give me, FREE OF CHARGE, a current (VX-3 series) scope - retail value $430 (2.5-8X36).

Long story short, you can count on Leupold service dept treating you right.
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