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Well men, I'm gearing up for a big triathlon next Saturday. Special invite only, 24 people total. Names are drawn and put into 2 man teams. Events are bow and arrow (cross-bows are legal), off-hand BP shooting followed by a euchre tournament.

Each team shoots 3 arrows/bolts per round, 12 times. For BP, 1 practice shot per person, and 2 shots per person for the points. Finally 12 games of euchre to decide the winner. $20.00 entrance fee and winner takes all.

Only reason I even mention this is it's great fun here in MI in the dead of winter and gives us old guys something fun to do! With 24 guys it takes all day from 7AM till well into the night to complete. More than 24 guys takes too long. Well worth doing and big fun!

Food is provided, (we all bring an assigned dish or ingredient). Mostly fish, and wild game. Breakfast is made by each contestant. Two turkey deep fryers are full of boiling water. Each person puts 2 or 3 raw eggs, pre-cooked bacon, cheese, etc in a Zip-Lock FREEZER bag and write their name on it with a sharpie. Boil for 20 minutes and your own perfect omelet is done. We fish them out of the pot with an ice fishing, ice skimmer. What easier way to feed 24 guys quickly with no dishes to do!

Great for any sportsman club or even doing one yourself as it's a great way to meet new people and compare notes. You can tweak the events anyway you wish however, a card game in the works gives those less skilled a chance to stay in the competition.

Think about doing one and wish me luck!

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