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I have been shooting AR's since the 1980's and I have used all manner of ammo and magazines. I have made many errors and fell for many gimicks and brilliant marketing.

Here is my list of Magazines I would bet my life on: ( no particular order)

H&K 30 round (oem followers)

*USGI 30 ( except coopers, I dont like coopers)
* green followers or magpul followers

USGI 20 (oem metal follower)

Pmags of any kind

D&L sports 30 rounder (oem follower)

When I say USGI I mean actual companies who have been specifically contracted to and have supplied magazines to the troops. NOT usgi style or usgi spec or any other buz word that is other than contract mags.

If it doesnt appear on the my list, I will not use them.
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