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"Yes, it would be more a freedom of speech issue if he was not allowed to express his opinion. People confuse freedom of speech with freedom to say whatever you like without criticism. I have the freedom to call my boss a jackass. He has not right to stop me, but he can fire me afterwards for insubordination.

I can then sue if I want".

<sigh>... didn't we all get something out of High School?

Uhh... back to Remedial Civics 101 (again):

No you can't.

To restate what ought to be obvious, but apparently in this day and age isn't:

You have no protected "Right" to free speech when dealing with anything other than the United States Government.




So. call the boss a jerk, insult the customers (which is exactly what this DJ did) and you're outta here....

See ya....

You don't have any RIGHTS at all if it's not the Government infringing on them.



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