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Hogwash. Universal background checks on private sales serve no purpose. Common sense says that felons and the mentally ill will not abide by the law, and will not or cannot be prosecuted for failing to do so
No point in having driving laws then as some do not abide by the law.
Manta, my main issue with the effectiveness of the law is not just that criminals will not abide by it, but that it will be almost impossible to enforce. There are 270 million guns already out there in circulation and the vast majority are unregistered.

Driving a car- pretty easy to enforce- it's out there, people can see it. A pistol under someone's seat, or under a bed- almost impossible for officers to get a look at it, run numbers, etc.

If I sell a gun to a private party without a background check, how will the police know? In the odd chance they do pull the buyer over or find a reason to come into his house, find some reason to search, come up with some sort of reasonable suspicion to run numbers on the gun, how do they know it wasn't sold before the UBC law was in place? And how do they know he got it from me?


Thirdly, people who know they won't pass a background check won't submit to one and will buy one illegally on the black market, or use something else to do their dirty deed.
Yes and that would be illegal and they would have to face the consciouses if caught. We are back to the argument that no point in having a law because some would brake the law.
But it was already illegal for him to have a gun. If it happened today, with no background checks, he would already be charged with a felony. Not to mention the felony they were investigating him for when he was caught with the gun. So why do we need the extra law?

Answer is we don't. It's completely useless. It has no purpose, but to burden FFLs with extra paperwork, make FFLs money on unnecessary transfers, or trip up honest people.
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