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Originally Posted by manta49
"Requiring people to register would not make them criminals. Braking the law by not following it would make them criminals if that's the case they would have no one to blame only themselves and that would be their choice."

It is clear given the evidence of Canada - that people in America will not by a large majority register their guns. Other countries do not have the same culture or history of gun ownership that America does. Recent threats of gun bans and confiscations will reinforce that decision to refuse to register. They would not be left with finding themselves to blame, on the contrary they would blame those that chose to pass such legislation into law and there would be organized resistance and protest; Civil disobedience and a greater disrespect for the legitimacy of government and the law. Clearly an awful law with no demonstrable benefit and a huge downside. But hey, knock yourself out and go for it. It would hugely energize the RKBA movement and change the political landscape until it was repealed.
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