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RE-loading vs HAND-loading

Ah, I understand Flashhole's comment now. (see posts 23, 24 and 26)

Yes it helps if you have a high degree of dedication, even passion, about loading. But it is, in my opinion, not necessary. Dedication to SAFETY is necessary, though, and a passion for accuracy helps greatly.

In my view, dedication to (or passion for) loading separates HANDloaders from REloaders.

As I see it, the essence of the difference between handloaders and reloaders is this: At the far ends of the spectrum; Handloaders carefully craft their cartridges, tuned for optimal performance. Reloaders produce ammunition as a substitute for factory ammo.

(Note: There is no prohibition against one person being both, at different times or for different firearms, or for placing oneself at any point along the spectrum, mixing the essences of the two types.)

If I may make a judgement on Flashhole, he is a handloader. njsportsman's original post came across like a reloader. I suspect more than 75% of the forum members are primarily reloaders, so I find no fault there.

Besides, a significant number of people who started out as strictly reloaders for reasons of economy eventually embrace the handloader's creed.

This is a good thing, and to be encouraged and nurtured.

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