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Originally Posted by manta49
Thad does not mean they could not enforced in the future.
Then let's start with the ones already in place. I think there are a whole lot of gun owners that are pretty unwilling to start talking about new gun controls until the ones already on the books are enforced.

Originally Posted by manta49
The A2 has not stoped the gun controls already in force in America. Why do you think it would stop future controls.
Actually, it has. I respectfully refer you to Heller v. DC and McDonald v. Chicago..

Originally Posted by manta49
Yes and that would be illegal and they would have to face the consciouses if caught. We are back to the argument that no point in having a law because some would brake the law.
Actually, we're back to the argument that maybe we should enforce the laws on the books. Possession by felons (for example) is already illegal, but prosecution of that law is almost non-existent.
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