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There were a lot of "clones" made during the time that Colt was producing C & B revolvers. It could be anybody's guess as to what these are. Not only were there other companies such as Metropolitan but also they were being cloned in other countries as well. These three are certainly interesting regardless of what they are. I hope you'll be able to come up with something on them.

In regards to Belgium Colts, I have a Belgium Colt SAA in 32-20 that I inherited from my g-uncle. He was a traveling rep for International Harvester and he carried it with him on his travels - still have the original cheap store bought holster and cartridge belt that was with it. On that particular revolver, there are no markings whatsoever except for 32 WCF on the underside of the barrel and Belgium proofs on the cylinder. Quality? Well, certainly not a Colt but it wasn't too bad either.

Bob makes some excellent points on the profiles of these in regards to original Colts. Obviously, unless these are really "faked" well, they have seen a lot of use. Let's face it, pistols were utility pieces to be carried and used at that time. Not everyone could afford a Colt, just like my g-uncle couldn't - so clones certainly served a purpose. Regardless of what these turn out to be, I think they are neat revolvers - now if only they could talk! Good luck in your research!
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