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Originally Posted by manta49
I am not saying that registration should happen in America or would be a good idea. Its this idea that the government couldn't technically or have the means to require registration and enforce it i would disagree with they manage it in lots of other countries.
I have never said that the gov't couldn't put together the systems necessary to register the necessary number of firearms. It most certainly could, if it could get the political support necessary to pass the necessary legislation, and such legislation could withstand a 2A challenge.

There are several questions at play:
1) Is registration technically feasible? Yes.
2) Can the gov't get the political support necessary? I don't think so.
3) Could the legislation survive a 2A challenge? No way to know without seeing the legislation.
4) Is it a good idea? IMHO, no, it's horrible.
5) Will the American public cooperate? A very good question.
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