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Originally Posted by manta49
Originally Posted by Spats McGee
Flawed comparison, and one that you've made several times now. Driving a car deals in the operation of the vehicle, not ownership. Universal background checks deal in ownership of a firearm, not possession or operation. Repeating your flawed comparison doesn't make it more true.
OK take the cars out of it. I am replying to some posts saying that their is no point in some laws as some might not abide by them. That's the logic i don't follow why have any laws in that case.
Well, you didn't quote "some posts." You quoted my post.

I'm not saying that we should not have any laws regarding firearms. That's never been what I've argued. Possession of firearms by certain categories of persons is already prohibited, and it should be. However, piling on more laws which: (1) will only serve to harass law-abiding gun owners; (2) without any realistic possibility of enforcement; and (3) without any foreseeable effect on crime, makes no sense. Heck, our DOJ isn't even prosecuting the laws we currently have with any regularity. How will they find time to prosecute more?
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