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I've got Accurate's guide from 1992, but that's not helpful for .357 Sig.
But it sure does show how much they've lowered charge weights. WOW. I like to compare their '92 charge suggestions for .357 Magnum with what they print these days. Big difference!

Most of what they've listed in their older guides all have CUP listings and it appears as though once they started PSI pressure testing -- they lowered a slew of charges.

I also have Accurate's 2003 guide and it shows data for .357 Sig. No Gold Dot bullet listed of course, but it has data for a Hornady 124gr XTP.
With a COAL of 1.140", Fed 100 primer in a Federal case:
Accurate #9, start charge of 11.7gr for est. velocity of 1,276 fps
Max charge of 13.0gr for 1,387 fps.
In this particular guide, they list niether CUP or PSI. (they did in the '92 guide?!)

All of my more current Accurate guides list the same start/max charge weight of AA#9 over a 125gr FMJ slug.
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