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Flawed comparison, and one that you've made several times now. Driving a car deals in the operation of the vehicle, not ownership. Universal background checks deal in ownership of a firearm, not possession or operation. Repeating your flawed comparison doesn't make it more true.
OK take the cars out of it. I am replying to some posts saying that their is no point in some laws as some might not abide by them. That's the logic i don't follow why have any laws in that case.

And because of widespread non-registration or non- compliance one would making criminals of millions of gun owners and creating an even larger black market in guns. Well, no benefit unless one's goal was primarily to create millions of new criminals
Requiring people to register would not make them criminals. Braking the law by not following it would make them criminals if that's the case they would have no one to blame only themselves and that would be their choice.
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