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Welcome to the forum and thanks for asking our advice.

Originally Posted by bluewaterlover
rcbs equipment
what are your opinions on rcbs equipment? I'm thinking a single stage press to start with -- never loaded metallic cartridges, only shotgun. I don't plan to load high volume, probably several thousands rounds a year -- mostly 9mm, 38 and 40 cal. Some rifle -- 7m rem mag, 30-06 and 300 win mag.
RCBS is terrific. But Hornady, Redding and Lee all make excellent presses of comparable quality and strength.

(Pre-emptively, since Lee has many detractors who do not recognize the fact that Lee caters to different needs at different price ranges) I am talking about the Lee Classic Cast single stage press, not the Aluminum Challenger or the Lee Reloader "C" frame press.

If you are set on a single stage press, don't leave out consideration of the Forster Co-Ax.

However, seeing that your list of cartridges includes two semi-auto handgun cartridges, I would suggest a press that can do both batch processing for your rifle cartridges and continuous processing for your higher-volume cartridges.

A turret press.

Redding, Lyman, RCBS all make good turret presses, but Lee makes the only turret presses that auto-index. The Lee Deluxe Turret is an older design and the Lee Classic Turret is the superior of the two and my recommendation for you.

Good Luck

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