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I do like RCBS presses and other equipment. Most of my experience is with a 1980's RCBS Reloader special 5 kit. It was pretty nice. I have seen and used Rockchucker's some and all I saw looked to be excellent.

RCBS scales like their 5-10 and 10-10 are the best of that type. I still have a 5-10, but may finally get rid of it now that I have my Hornady Powder Dispenser. BTW, you should never cross check a scale with another scale, but instead with check weights.

RCBS dies are good enough, but I prefer Hornady when I can get them. I have had some weird consistency with on set of RCBS dies and haven't gone back. I still made good enough ammo with them, but the Hornady's work better. I also have use Forster dies and have had good luck, but they are not ideal for rapid progressive use. I had a weird case stick in 223 which was from using mixed 223 brass or from the die design. Overall, I view Forster as good.
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