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Yes, both the Beretta's and Browning Citori's will hold their value long term ....and might even appreciate in value over the long run if you take care of them because most every year both Beretta and Browning take a fairly significant price increase.

I mentioned before the Citori Lightning model I purchased - new in a box, in 1988 for about $ 750 ...even with 100,000 shells thru it now, 25 yrs later...and having gone thru 2 boys, some grandkids etc...its still easily worth $ 1,250 today on the used market. New the Lighting model today sells new for around $ 1,750 ...(list today is $ 1,989 )...
Outside of the B guns ( in the less expensive categories) ...nothing will hold its value very well...( except maybe an SKB, if you can find one ) but Remington, Mossberg, Verona, CZ, Ruger etc will all depreciate significantly over time and use...
The upper end gun - a quality jump above both Beretta and Browning - are Perazzi, Blazer, Kolar and Krieghoff...and they will all appreicate as well...but you're up in the $ 6,000 mimimum price range on all 4 of those guns...and they will go well up over $25K...
Beretta and Browning will give you - by far - the most gun for your money / long Term...
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