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gps on android phones

I see that you got a Garmin. But for others still viewing, there are some free or very low cost gps map systems for android or apple smartphones..... and they precache your map so you dont need cell signal. Your phone gps does the job.

One lets you photograph or scan or download a map ahead of time. It is called custom maps. I have stored local BLM, atv, and dept of wildlife game units with boundaries. Being able to just photograph a map you have or borrow is pretty slick. You can have the same area in topo, aerial or road and trail.

Another is maverick pro running microsoft maps which you merely zoom and browse before going out....either topo, road, or sat photos.

Another is gaiagps costing about $12 or so giving all kinds of downloaded maps and topos.

Lastly, google maps have recently allowed you to save their online maps for offline use.

I have owned 12 different chartplotters or gps units. Two failed.
If you are out in the boonies where there is no cell signal, you would keep it off....therefore minimal battery usage. Free or $12 can buy a backup battery vs $165 garmin and leave $$ on the table.
Garmin can't show maps from six or more different sources. I currently own three garmins, but the most expensive HcX died and they will not honor a repair even though it was run once then put in a drawer but wouldn't come on again just out of warranty.

I can't tell you how many times I or a friend were out and needed a gps but didn't take it along. But that equally capable smartphone was on hand.
With the ability to share the exact same map via a jpg file, photo, or paper such as a Delorme book, you get some collaberation benefits.

These are a heck of a lot better than running a base level garmin

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