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Revolver or semi? I'm about 90% sure I want to go with a revolver just because of my inexperience.
I don't think revolver or semi is the first choice. . .The first choice is where to get your basic gun handling training. After that, you will need to choose a gun.

When choosing a gun, choose one which you are confident in. To me, that is my 1911's and my DAO revolver. I choose the 1911 because I have to DO 3 things to fire it. Obviously, these 3 things can be done fast as it is the winningest gun in competitions.

I like the DAO revolver because it is simple point and pull, but has proven very safe in LEO hands(minimal avg training) and very fast(Jerry Miculek). I also feel very fast putting SD 357 mags center of mass to 10 yards.

So for me, the what decision is about confidense in speed and confidense in safety. In practice, these things have been proven to me over and over.

The reason I put speed and safety first is that I have proven to myself that I can CCW a larger slim gun like a 1911 all day with almost the same ease as a small J frame 357.

If it matters, I think your first gun should be a midsize gun like a Glock 23, Kahr P40, S&W K frame 3" 357 mag, CCO type Sig/Colt/Dan Wessson 1911 or full size 1911. You should handle and shoot these guns though before making your mind up. You should also know that all 1911's are spring rate sensitive and you might be better off with a gun which does not require the spring maint that 1911's require.
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