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New shooters; gun owners....

Hello & welcome to the forum;

In general, I'd read over a few posts about new or entry level shooters. 1000s of new gun owners have started to pop up in the last 4/5 years.
It's important to get the proper training, learn & understand the gun-use of force laws & to clean/service your weapons correctly.
Please know that firearms are NOT toys, props, accessories, or fashion statements. They are dangerous weapons that can injury or kill someone.
You should also join the NRA, . They support 2A issues & provide training resources for all types of gun owners/hunters.
Keep you weapon & related gear clean and check it often for any problems. A gunfight is the wrong time to discover your firearm or magazines are broken.
For cleaning, get a CLP like Gunzilla, LPX, Weaponshield or the top rated Ballistol. Hoppes #9 & Birchwood Casey's Synthetic Gun Cleaner are good too. A Boresnake Viper barrel cleaner makes quick work of a dirty barrel.
See: .
For skill training see; . Take training classes with a top instructor or program. Don't go to some gun shop ranger or weekend Rambo. Good firearms instructors include; Massad F Ayoob, John Farnam, Clint Smith, Jeff Gonzales, Duane Dieter, Lewis Alebuck(check spelling).
As for firearms, I'd buy a simple DA or DA only(no hammer spur or cocking) revolver in .38spl or .357magnum. Guns like the Ruger GP100, the LCR or the compact SP101(DA only) will conceal with ease & defend you. As your skills improve, you can upgrade to a DA only pistol like a SIG Sauer DAK a HK P30 LEM or a S&W SD pistol.
I'd avoid semi auto pistols or firearms like the Glock or 1911a1 .45acp until you are ready. A .38spl +P or .357magnum will do fine.
ONLY use factory rounds for protection/carry too. No reloads or handloads!
Stay safe & enjoy the shooting sports;
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