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Veterans, LTC Grossman; Chris Kyle....

The sad events & senseless murder of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle should finally wake a lot of people up to the serious problem of PTSD & the use of firearms by those with mental health issues/medication.

I wrote a few forum remarks on TFL before about why veterans with VA disabilities or those who are in documented treatment programs(PTSD, stalking, domestic violence, trespass-ban from property, PFAs/restraining orders, threats, suicide-self harm attempts, etc) should not own or use loaded firearms. That includes hunting or target shooting.
These people or veterans may be unstable or lash out in public.
It's not fair or prudent to tell a veteran or a private citizen; you can get 100% disability or a full pension for a mental health issue then say it's okay for the same person to carry a concealed firearm or to hunt with a shotgun/rifle.

As for understanding PTSD & combat related mental illness, I would advise the forum members read LTC David Grossman's On Killing & On Combat. Grossman, a trained mental health expert, US Army officer & Airborne Ranger has good insight in these subjects. I don't agree with all of it but it's worth reading for anyone who wants to learn about veterans & combat related mindsets/behavior.

Chris Kyle was an American hero & true patriot. Like the death of Pat Tillman(the NFL football star who became a US Army Ranger after 9-11-2001), this event is a real shame.

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