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I am not suggesting we go out and shoot at bad guys at 100 yards... but you should be able to do it with your choice of a carry weapon. Yes a .45 lobs out there.. but it still gets out there if you do your part.

I know there is a video floating around of Jerry Mculek basically talking about this same thing, and popping balloons in the desert with a snub nose at something over 200 yards.

Also here is a video of Bob Munden at 200yards.

My point was... it is more dependent on the shooter and his or her platform choice. Most handgun shooters stick to short distances, and never know what they are truly capable of.

Also not saying it is very practical for a self defense scenario.. but say your a law enforcement officer responding to one of these active shooter scenarios we are all sadly familiar with these days. If i picture the malls I frequent and the schools I grew up in / taught in... There are a lot of places where 100 yards is very common. If you are a police officer responding and are confronted with a lunatic at that distance... standing and practicing 100% of your time on the 7yard line isn't going to do you much good. This is the reason a lot of training courses are designed to get people out of that comfort zone.

Clearly the chances are small, but there are places where it helps to even practice a little bit.

I personally find long distance shooting with a sidearm fun for a lazy afternoon when I don't want to blow through ammo rapid fire.

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