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Go west young man!

Find a job, pack a bag and go.
I left the east coast when I was thirty and moved to Texas. Spent a little time there and slipped over into New Mexico. Wow what a difference. Some of the most chill people, great food, low cost of living and all the open public land you could stand.
Contrary to what you hear on the news back east life is pretty good on the border. Totally changed my perspective.
Since then I've lived all over the southwest and now have made my permanent home in Idaho (you can open carry in our capitol!), though I still get to hit the road for work sometimes.
You can always move back home and continue to fight the good fight, but do yourself a favor and do some living and shooting out here.
Then you'll really be peeved about the 2A conditions in NY.
Also an undergrad or masters can be a lot less expensive out here as well if that can motivate you. But for me it was being able to hop in the truck and drive in any direction for 30 minutes pull off the road and be shooting in the middle of nowhere.
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