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It's been a hassle, for sure. The only things I was able to save were my guns, which I hustled into the attic when it was obvious that we were going to lose the house. I forgot a few... a Canadian Inglis High Power in it's stock/holster was missed, and found a week later... It was perfectly OK believe it or not, black enamel over parkerizing is a tough finish. Sadly my S&W 25-2 in .45 ACP that I have had since 1975 was also forgotten, and I lost it's box and the revolver was beginning to rust. It was stripped, Ballistol soaked, put into a zip-lock still wet with Ballistol, and is in the hands of S&W now for refinish now. The rest of the collection was fine.

The rest of my stuff...clothes, momentos, the detritus of a lifetime... gone.

Oh well.

Ballistol is good stuff. Buy a case of it and it'll last forever.


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