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LE responses; non-emergency calls, 911....

The Chicago PD Superindendant had a valid point re; 911 calls for service but IMO it represents a double-standard in US law enforcement nationwide.
The Chicago police want to reduce or stop the "non emergency" calls(barking dogs, abandoned or disabled vehicles, vandalism, stolen property, etc.
These LE actions are not immediate or life threatening.
Citizens should use a local LE NON-EMERGENCY help line or file a report online.
I brought this topic up about 2 years ago on this forum & a few members were upset by it. It's not hard or complex to learn your local PD's non emergency # or what area/zone you are located in to expedite a call for service.

I do take issue with US police chiefs & sheriffs who gripe about "barking dog calls" then advise citizens to call 911 anytime they need anything.
It's a mixed message that causes problems.
False alarms & pranks(like the new "SWATing" scam) are a major LE concern too.
Citizens & property/business owners must understand that sworn LE agencies are not a private security force or required to protect individuals.

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