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This just from my observation of your one photograph:

All three guns have triggers that appear too long and not correctly shaped.

The middle gun the cylinder appears too long, out of proportion to the rest of the gun. The trigger is far too long, and the trigger guard is very poorly shaped. the grips are very poorly made and fitted, and the backstrap is too rounded at the butt.

The bottom gun the hammer spur is too near vertical. the cylinder appears too long, and again the grips are very poorly made. There appears to be a common square nut embedded in the wood.

Colt revovlers always have been very clearly marked with the company name and address, which these lack. Belgian made copies were far more faithful to the Colt patterns, and are clearly marked "Made in Belgium."

As to theatrics, some gunmakers made guns especially for stage and film use and did not need to be as precisely accurate as to detail as the audience was not able to see the guns close-up. As long as they looked close enough, and maybe even fired when needed, that was good enough.

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