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Supposedly there were some guys who were going to sell repair sections and folded-receivers, but I think they got stuck in ATF approval hell, and have been in a holding pattern ever since. Apparently the folded receiver was just .063" 4140, so nothing too exotic if you can just figure out a way to form it the way you like.

It seems like it'd almost be easier to self-fab one if blueprints are out there somewhere, since the kits are SA anyway (therefore no ATF approval needed, right?). I'd have to make the 922r parts myself, anyway--why not the receiver as well?

Heck, I'd be tempted to blacksmith the thing on an anvil--got all the time in the world to get it just right . As much as those rifles cost here, it'd probably still be worth the trouble

I'd love to know just how awesome the rifles are, before committing to such an endeavor. I have seen it written several places the recoil is controllable (impressively so, compared to G3's). I also saw numerous assertions it is more durable than a G3 Now that's sayin' something!

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