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Etrex H is a good basic unit, like Buckrub said, but also very limited.

About any Etrex with an "H" are good, but computer connectivity is something you look for if interested in adding maps. Some older Etrex units with computer connections were great too, but had serial connectors. Look for ones with USB unles you have an old computer with a spare serial port.

I saw a clearance Etrex Summit HC at a local Academy store. $69. Nice little unit, but only had 25 meg of internal memory. 25 meg in my state (Alabama) would hold about half the state in topo maps. Not bad if your pursuits are in a local area.

BTW, On older Etrex units, the letters mean:
H-high sensitivity
C-computer interface
X-expandable memory

The new line of Etex are the 10, 20, 30. 10 is basic, but has high sensitivity, the 20 adds computer inteface/mapping, the 30 adds e-compass and altimeter sensor.

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