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I don't believe in the black helicopters, or that there is some gigantic conspiracy to enslave us, or take away our guns, etc. but there are powerful forces and individuals who would like to obviate the 2nd Amendment to the degree that they can. The anti-gun crowd, including Pres. Obama, former President and Hilary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Emanuel and many others would not hesitate to take away our right to own, and certainly to carry firearms. Many of these folks have said as much, but will try to do it in achievable steps. Each step will seem like a "reasonable" inroad on 2nd Amendment rights, for "the good of us all", or "for the good of the children" or even "if it saves even one life then it is worth it" which non-gun rights people, or the majority of the population which is too busy with reality TV and celebrity worship to even understand what is going on, will think is okay. Each local step to erode the 2nd Amendment will set a new precedent, unless forced by voters or the courts to be reversed. I really worry about what would happen if one of our five reasonable justices on the Supreme Court leave during Obama's term of office. We won Heller by a single vote, and could easily see the gains made in recent decisions totally lost by a new, liberal Supreme Court. This is why we need to oppose even modest anti-gun efforts. Each time we accept a new limitation, it becomes the new starting point for the anti-gunners to begin their efforts from. Until they remove all guns from citizen's hands they will not be satisfied. And if they were to succeed in taking our guns, and crime increased dramatically with citizens as helpless as they are in England, the anti-gun crowd will likely call for more and more government control in our lives in a hopeless effort to achieve their utopian and fantasy ends. Look at England today, where pointed knives are not allowed, firearms virtually totally gone, and the natural right of self defense denied to citizens. We must remain vigilant and united or it will be the end of this great country and our 237 year experiment in liberty.
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