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Concealed carry is a relatively recent phenomena, and an American one at that. A German/Swiss company with their mainstay products designed when disco was king obviously not going to be on the forefront of that... It isn't all that long that we've been seeing an emphasis on semi auto platforms designed expressly for concealed carry, and it looks to me like it's really the American companies taking the lead in that market segment.
+1, and it's useful to remember that the SIG P230- along with its contemporaries, the CZ 82/83 and the Beretta 81/82/84/85 series- were designed primarily for the European police market in an era when 9mm Short (.380ACP) was considered a perfectly adequate and acceptable cartridge for an average patrol officer. These pistols are designed to be easily carried but not necessarily to be easy to conceal.

Compared to recent CCW-specific designs, I find it readily apparent that ALL of these pistols were designed with a greater emphasis on easy operation and comfortable shooting, and a lesser emphasis on minimizing dimensions and eliminating protrusions.
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