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on having the forthought to keep your reloading down to a single caliber.

Wish I had thought that far ahead. I'm reloading .38spl, .44 Colt and .45 Colt for three revolvers and a borrowed Henry rifle. My '58 Remmie conversion and the Henry are both in the .45 Colt. A really fun round to shoot and one that you can really experiment with. I load light since I only punch paper at 25 and 100 yds.. Started out with the same load, 25 gr. BP, fiber card, .451 dia. 200 gr. RNFP bullet. This worked fine in the Remmie, but at 100 yds the accuracy fell way off with the Henry so I now load 28-30 gr BP, which has given marked improvement. Know it would be nice to reload one round for all but I think you will find that keeping all components the same and varying your powder for the rifle round will work best for you.

The lube pill sounds like a great idea when using a card between it and the powder. Must try that myself. Really get great stuff on this forum.
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