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"GTOne, if all firearms manufacturers say never fire reloads, many of them are contradicting themselves by their ammo making divisions selling components so people can make reloads to fire in them. Winchester and Remington, for example.

I've never seen that warning on any firearms company's published info. If it was reality, they surely would make it clear and not hide it from public view."

Look in the manual that came with your firearm. Most of them will say not to shoot reloads. As far as them contradicting themselves I have never seen bullets, powder or primers made by Glock, CZ, S&W, Ruger, Taraus, Mossberg, FN and the list goes on.

To the OP. it will not hurt the ammo to tumble in a vibratory tumbler for a short time. I have also seen the tests where ammo was tumbled for 48 hours with no change in performance. I tumble all of my rifle ammo after it's loaded to remove the lube. Never had any problems.
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