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I do like the Trijicon RMR's. I have a bunch of them. I strongly suggest getting the battery powered adjustable LED version. They have a 3.25 and 6.5 moa version.

I have both versions. The 3.25 moa version is ideal for my LMT's. The LED versus the tritium/fiber, is way better. The dot on tritium/fiber version still washes out in certain settings. The battery powered version stays nice and bright. The old Reflex sights washed out pretty bad for me. I was pretty dang happy when the RMR debuted. I have and had a bunch of the tritium versions. I use the ADM QD mounts and they are rock solid and have been working fine for me since the RMR came out.

I like the dot. I have a triangle in my Accupoint 1-4x TR24's. Up's damn fast. When I bring it can get a bit tough for precise shots. That's when the mil-dot reticle would shine. I don't use my Accupoint in that manner, so anything triangle reticle is fast enough for me.

The bonus is that you can run the RMR on your pistol if you desire. Yes, Trijicon stuff is rock solid stuff. They build gear to be used and abused. I mean look what our guys do the the ACOGs in the field.

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