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Lead fouling

Since I don't have the supplies to shoot right now I've been spending the time giving my revolvers an inside/out cleaning. Working on the '51 R-M Conversion in 38 Spl. I found I had a severe lead fouling problem that I had not noticed. Usually I clean with hot soapy water and patches ending with patches soaked in Bore Butter, but this time I ran a wire brush down the barrel and pulled out strips of lead, several over 4 inches long. Pre-cleaning inspection had shown a nice shinny barrel with lands visible.

I'm reloading with 21 gr. BP, a fiber card, topped with a .357 dia. RNFP. I've experienced leading around the forcing cones and maybe the first inch or so of barrel before, but never the whole length of a barrel.

Any ideas as to problem and solution?
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