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Sen. Baldwin is probably a lost cause, she doesn't even have an Email contact listed anywhere.

I'd agree. We really screwed up a good chance when "We the people of WI" elected her to the seat... she's about as bad as it gets as far as reprsenting anything other than Madison. I bet though that even she is smart enough to understand that a vote for any of the proposals will mean an end to her career next election. Wisconsin is a funny place: Lots of typically Democratic voters (Union Members, as we still have substantial manufacturing industries here) are also shooters to a degree that it's almost a religion. Lose this vote and you lose the state. Maybe it's time not to appeal to her beliefs.. maybe it's time to simply show her the stick.

"If everyone got a ccw, there wouldn't be a need for a background check."


If the Feds want universal background checks, let's propose a tit-for-tat: Shall Issue CCW to all that qualify in all states. Requirement of that CCW to make private purchases. We are already informally doing this ourselves.


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