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Not challenging anyone...trying to help. We did go out and put in another 200 rounds in each. What could I say, she wanted to"burn a couple caps". I'd still get hold of Eagle Imports... you paid, they need to get it right. Maybe it's also a tribute to Froglube since I've gone that route with everything.
I'm not saying Bersa is the greatest since God made women, but I carry mine, used it flawlessly and have full confidence in it. My lady gets too attached to it, makes me jealous a little. Well, not really.
I did pick up a holster yesterday (Galco PLE for Glock 26) and I have to say.. if it wasn't made for the Bersa BP9cc, it should have been. Slightly snug for now but I haven't really worked it yet. Leave it sit for a couple days in freezer bag and then wax paper it... I did come to the full conclusion the Bersa Gods do like us.....
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