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Yes, I have a chronograph. Two acutally and the best one should be for sale. It's the Ohler 33, likely the most accurate ever. Also have a Chrony on a photo tripod that sets up in seconds. Takes minutes for the Ohler because the screens are farther apart. Farther apart means much more accuracy, and for each thousand fps more or less you have to throw a switch on the unit to make it work. Easy, but at my range people don't want to wait very long while you set up. The Chrony I use now is easy but I know I'm not getting the fine accuracy. If you want or need fine accuracy, the Ohler is taking up space in my garage and could be had (I know, I could put it back in its box and stand the rod on it's end in the corner).

I read Sheep's earlier post and enjoyed it. Everyone's wisdom is greatly appreciated. I think the progressive is just more equipment than I would use. If I was thinking thousands then it's a no brainer. In the olden days when I got my setup (in the 70s) I was unimpressed with Lee products. Very rough looking and feeling and gave the aura of low quality. They have stayed in the industry for another 40 years now so I should give them another look. I have their dies, and they are cheaper than competion, plus the shell holder if you need it.

From what I read and know, I'm guessing a turret press would increase my hourly output significantly without requiring a big learning curve or a lot of extra time to set up. IS THAT RIGHT? If so, I'll probasbly go that way.

It looks like to use the indexing capability I'd need the powder dispenser on top> IS THAT RIGHT? Otherwise I'm not seeing how to charge the case on the turret and make sure I don't fail to charge one. Eager to learn, but harder without a setup to play with.

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OH yea, I still need some seating plugs for my RCBS presses that nobody seems to have (RCBS has more than 1/2 hour wait for telephone), and two carbide sizing dies for 45 and 357. Can't find those either in stock. Anybody know where such things are kept on the shelf? Thanks again,
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