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Now,it you load one round in the mag,put the mag in the pistol,drop the slide,and fire,does the slide stay open?
Oh that's a good idea! I'll try that. I'll also remember to check to see if the hammer cocks after firing and save my brass this time.

Are you running it pretty dry,or is it lubed?
I tend to lube my guns pretty well. In fact I've been accused of over-oiling by some. The gun is dry now because it hasn't been shot in a while and I've been wiping it down to inspect it, but I'll oil it up before shooting it again.

Is this a well worn gun,or new?
This gun was proofed in 1943. I suspect it was a German contract gun and then captured by the Russians, due to look of the finish. It definitely has that purple look on some parts like Russian refurbs often have. All the serial numbers match though, including the barrel, so it doesn't look like the Russian armorers swapped parts on it as was also common for them to do.

So it's been around the block a few times. It did shoot well when I first got it from another collector about 8 years ago. I hadn't put more than 100 rounds through it myself.

Yes,and so you can observe ,as the slide comes to the rear of its travel,the ejector must protrude enough from the breech face to knock the brass out.
Here are some closeups of the ejector and barrel link. They look OK to me. The link moves freely.

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