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Went to the city yesterday, picked up some more powder, turned out 180 mile round trip. Had a hard time finding what I even needed. Stopped by local gun shop on way home and he recieved in 4 FNH's. My next gun was supposed to be later, not sooner, but became NOW. FNS9 to go with FNS40. If it's as good as the .40... won't need another one in my lifetime.
Don't know what the laws are going to change to, but have no interests in CA and at my age if they change, I most likely won't anyway. If voters in CA let thier elected officials keep taking, then it's thier fault for not voting right, and you can change that by getting involved and making sure you get the right folks elected.
Easy for me, I don't live there. But it sure is sad when you can't buy what you want... in America! No interests in New York either.
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