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We as responsible gun owners need to keep our heads out of the sand. The politicians have taken so much from us in the past 30 years that WE have let happen. I enjoy guns as much now as I did 6 years ago.
But just who is to blame for the current conditions and the war against gun owners that’s going on?
No one but ourselves.
How many of you out there didn’t vote in the last election? You don’t need to answer that but if you didn’t then you’re the reason.
How many of you don’t belong to the NRA, the one group that does more to protect our rights than anyone else even though I don’t agree with some of their decisions. If you’re not a member than don’t complain.
How many of you have not written to your congressmen and senators telling them to go against the Presidents attack on our freedom? If you haven’t then why not?
If you don’t get up off your back side then you’re the reason were in the state we are in. People are going crazy right now buying everything on the shelves.
Because they are afraid of what is happening and can happen. Don’t set around complaining about the way things are. Get up and do something about it. You have a key board, look up your state senator and congressman and send them an e-mail asking them to protect your rights and the constitution as its written.
And if all you do is set on your but and complain don’t be surprised when they come to your door and take way your freedom.
I apologize for getting up on my soap box, but I am tired of hearing people complain and doing nothing about it.
It was a sad day when I discovered my universal remote control did not in fact control the universe.

Did you hear about the latest study.....5 out of 6 liberals say that Russian Roulette is safe.
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