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Went down to the gun shop last night and was amazed on how empty it was. Bare shelves and display cases. No .22 shells even.. no 9's, 40's, not even .243. He just recieved 4 handguns from FNH and that brought his total to 19 handguns in the shop (used to have 6 display cases full always). I like everyone else am wondering where this is going to. I have to drive 180 miles round to pick up reloading equipt because everything is sold out, on order, and can't get orders in even. And they've already told me they too can't get materials hardly.
I wrote before how my FNS 40 has become my most favorite of all handguns ever and I watched him put the FNS9 in and came to the conclusion NOW is the time. I have about 400 9mm loaded, about the same in 40 and enough in stock to reload a couple thousand more of each.... so OK, gave my .40 a buddy. The owner is a friend and he told me he has about 400 9mm brass hoarded I could get. I have considered other calibers, but this is what I'm equiped for right now and can load enough of each to last quite some time. Then too, may be the last purchase for a long time so I'm happy enough with FNH I figure it's the way to go. He's down to 18 now, and I'm tickled as can be.
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