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And remember what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Guns were illegally seized, and after numerous court filings the city of New Orleans was forced to return the seized guns. However, the guns had been "stored" in metal barrels in non-insulated trailers, and were totally rusted. If guns are ever outlawed for private ownership, and then confiscated, it won't happen as some big operation where resistance would be likely. It would take place in many small steps. Possibly starting with simple registration, then a banning of only a few specific weapons, with police visits to the homes/businesses of only those who had those now illegal weapons registered. And the rest of the gun owning community will do nothing because it would not directly affect them, just as now many hunters are more than willing to go along with the banning of non-hunting guns since they believe it does not affect them. Then additional weapon-types would be added to the list of banned guns, and so on and so on until finally there essentially would be no guns in the hands of honest citizens at all (like England and Australia). Of course criminals would continue to own and use those same weapons. This is why we must resist vigorously any attempt for "common sense" gun laws that require registration, which is always going to be the first step before confiscation.
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