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Is it available only online or can this be picked up at major store names?
AFAIK it's only available from a dealer.

Here is the real test for me. I'm a carpenter by trade and have tons of tools. I have a big jointer/plainer in my pole barn. The table is raw milled steel. I've tried every kind of oil there is to keep it from rusting. It's exposed constantly to condensation (I live in Michigan). Ballistol is the only thing that ever worked! I've even used it to thaw frozen locks. It won't freeze and is perfect for moving parts on guns in below zero weather. What I like most is it will not dry out and get gummy like petrolium products. It also works well to protect leather, wood, etc. I use it on my guitar fingerboards and to keep wood hammer and slege/axe handles tight when the heads get dried out and loose.

I like to carry one product that does everything, not 15 different ones!


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