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For cleaning I use a soft bristle toothbrush, plain cotton patches and gun scrubber/brake cleaner. For applying oils I just use the plain cotton patches, wiping off the excess oils same thing. Cotton patches seem to do really well at cleaning the whole gun, not just bores. They are relatively cheap, plentiful, and come in various sizes to let you get into different sized nooks and crannies. If you have patches for 9mm sized bores, but need something half that size to clean the rest of the gun you can just cut it, no fuss no muss.

Some of my guns instead of oil on the exterior of the slide I wipe down with a silicone cloth. It leaves the finish darker like it has been wiped down with oil but doesn't have the residue that oil seems to have. Its like a wet matte finish but if you run your finger over it it does not smear. Guess it depends on the finish of your gun and what you prefer.
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