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A word about online reviews...

Say you go on a site like Midway and see 5 negative reviews and nothing positive? Does that mean a product is bad? Not always, as there may be 1000people who have ordered the product and it lived up to their expectations. If a product does what you feel it is supposed to do would you feel the need to go online to try to warn others or would you just go on with your day?

Oneoldsap also touched on another part of the online reviews, some people just don't know what in the hell they are talking about. You can see that here in spades. Somebody who has never reloaded before orders a progressive press and immediately expects to just be able to start cranking out ammo and when 1 little thing goes wrong, this press sucks, these dies suck, etc. After a little prodding and numerous people trying to help them troubleshoot the issue, you discover that they didn't adjust something properly or one of their techniques is way off. So for the average passerby all they see is "oh this product sucks" and unless they are willing to dive deeper into the issue will not see that sometimes it is the user and not the product.

There are also times when a substandard product will get a glowing review because someone may not have dealt with anything better. My best analogy for this would be somebody takes the bus everywhere they have to go. One day they can afford to get a used car, a 1986 Chevette. To them this is now the best damn car on the road EVER. Even though its nowhere near the best car ever, in their view it is because they haven't owned and driven a Mercedes Benz or something else high end and all the other cars in between. They have nothing to gauge against.

On the other hand, sometimes a product does just plain out suck.

Speer makes decent bullets and never had a problem with using them. Might just be some weird quirk with the Lee dies but somebody mentioned that Lee will fix the issue.
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