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Originally Posted by Rupskin View Post
9mm is a great round, as many before me have posted. One of my favorite things about the 9mm cartridge is that most 9mm guns are double stack (unless your looking at tiny pocket pistols), which means that you will have anywhere from 13-19 rounds in a magazine. Most .45ACP guns are limited to 7-8 rounds (there are a few double stack .45's though) If the SHTF the first gun I would grab would be my CZ-75BD, which has a 16+1 capacity.

9mm and .45ACP are relatively close in ballistics tests, so I would rather have double the 9mm rounds if things went sour. I absolutely LOVE .45ACP, but if the world was going to end tomorrow I would reach for my 9mm, easy as heck to shoot, great capacity, and the most common handgun round in the world.
Yeah. Marginal differences. Not even worth counting ballistically.

I do also agree on the whole idea of more rounds per magazine per gun. With 9mm usually always has the upper hand in capacity when taking in terms of same size handgun.

For people who carry .45 (myself included) theres always carrying spare and slimmer magazines. Remember the single stack gun itself is also a lot slimmer.

I've been known to carry my Glock 17, 21, (recently 30)

SIG P226 and P220. Also the SIG 1911.

The Glocks I won't get into. They were fine just something in my head why I stopped carrying them for now.

The P226 is my favorite gun. Even more than my gold cup. I've taken that thing to hell with me. But for average CCW it's really thick I'm realizing. And I realized this after I purchased the P220 and shot it a heck of a lot and did amazingly well. So that is what I carry now cause its slim and I shoot it evenly as well as my P226.

However. Back on topic. Sorry I rambled.

Yes. The .45 IS a disadvantage in terms of needing to reload half way when the 9mm holds more rounds and is just getting started.

I think it varies with everyone. No one can answer for another. Just give their view.

I'm always for more rounds. Always have been. When I carry a single stack .45 I carry at least one spare magazine.

Even when I carry 9mm. I carry at least one spare magazine.

Nothing sucks more than running out of ammo. Period. In any way at any time.

I carry my single stack folded carbon steel SIG P220 cause its light, accurate, and reliable. The 1911's are only 7-8oz heavier but that makes a difference.

ok rant off.

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