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Shok I am an extreme liberal. They are not talking about liberals they are talking about anti gunners. Which are conservative as often as liberal.
In general, that is not true. By definition, conservatives are anti-regulation and liberals are pro-regulation. Of course, this is not the classic definition of the terms "conservative" and "liberal", but it is the practical definition by today's standard. But, we are talking generalities. And this is off topic, but I felt compelled to combat the obfuscation to which liberals are so prone.

Back on topic. The rimfire vacuum caught me by surprise as well. In my major metropolitan area, the shelves are devoid of any rimfire ammo, even .17 caliber. The truck comes to the local Wally World on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and within 90 minutes the trifling restock is sold out.

What has been interesting is that certain ammo remains in stock, to wit:
- hunting shotshells
- varmint cartridges such as 22-250
- big game cartridges such as 270 Win, 300 WM, 7mm Mag

Handgun ammo, and anything that can be chambered in a military style rifle remains scarce, however.

I could be wrong but I think obama is pushing this so hard so he can use it for a horse trade on things he really cares about. Time will tell I guess
Actually, if he remains true to character, he is pushing hard because he is arrogant and thinks because he go re-elected, he can do what he wants in the model of a king and not as a servant to the country. But, I digress. Will somebody please keep me on topic??
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