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New Remington Versa Max Zombie Tactical

I have been in the market to purchase a Remington Versa Max for a while now. I'd like a Max 4 camo one but I can't justify the the extra money compared to the exact same gun in black. I have been scanning ads for the best price and Remington is running their annual spring rebate right now for $100 rebate on a Versa Max which means it's time to buy. Looking at a Cabela's ad, I see they now offer a Zombie tactical edition with 8+1 capacity, picatinny rail, over sized bolt release, sling attachment, etc. I don't really care one way or the other for the Zombie camo but it will be on sale this coming week for the price of the standard black Versa Max. I figured I would jump on it considering the accessories included at a sale price but when I went to look at one, the barrel said "2 3/4 or 3" I really need a gun that shoots 3.5" as well as the others which is why the Versa Max attracted me in the first place. Does anyone know if the Zombie Tactital is limited to 3" max or if that is just a standard barrel stamp? The guy at Cabela's said it would be limited to 3" like the barrel says but it looked like a 3.5" chamber. Any input would be appreciated. BTW, the black one is on sale as well for $1099 which is $200 (plus the $100 rebate ) under the MSRP so it would be a great time to get it if the other happens to be limited to 3". If only I worked at Cabela's and could get that 25% employee discount ...
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